What is faraz

FARAZ is network performance monitoring tool that provides multi-vendor, multi-technology, fixed and mobile network data.

what does it do

FARAZ allows user to perform in root cause analysis, troubleshoot, optimize and report on network performance rapidly & efficiently.

What Is Performance Tool

An essential prerequisite for optimizing an application is to first understand its execution characteristics. A number of tools are available for the application developer to accomplish this, ranging from simple shell utilities, timers and profilers, trace analysis tools, to sophisticated full featured graphical toolsets."


Multi Vendor and Multi Technology

Trend analysis multi vendor and multi technology

Region Base

functionality to generate a specific region base reporting and analysis


Multi Platform

dashboards and online monitoring facilities.


are detailed reports and analysis that can be schedule to automatic distribution.



KPI Generator

User friendly KPI generator make it easy to define and edit your own formulas


Network KPIs

help users to get ride of any time consuming task to find nodes in corresponding vendor and category (simply one KPI cover all the network’s vendors)

Even more great feautres

Highly Scalable

Highly scalable and robust mediation capable of ingesting data from verity of sources such databases, OMC raw data and direct connecting to node.


Insure Data Quality

Insuring data quality and for loaded data.

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